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Oxygen Concentrator
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oxygen concentra used for household and Medical treatment Especially virus

Household Portable Oxygen Concentrator Mini Oxygenerator Medical

Household Portable Oxygen Concentrator Mini Oxygenerator Medical

Household Portable Oxygen Concentrator Mini Oxygenerator Medical

Household Portable Oxygen Concentrator Mini Oxygenerator MedicalHousehold Portable Oxygen Concentrator Mini Oxygenerator Medical

Household Portable Oxygen Concentrator Mini Oxygenerator MedicalHousehold Portable Oxygen Concentrator Mini Oxygenerator Medical

There are many kinds of home oxygen making machines on the market. Because of the different principle of oxygen production, the use characteristics of each household oxygen generator are different. The principle of oxygen production of the home oxygen machine is as follows: 1. Molecular sieve principle; 2. Principle of polymer oxygen rich membrane; 3. Principle of electrolytic water; 4. Principle of oxygen production by chemical reaction. The molecular sieve oxygen machine is the only mature one with international and national standards[ 1]
Chinese Name: foreign name of domestic oxygen generator oxygen concentrator power on Mode DC, AC use environment vehicle, home oxygen production mode physical oxygen production, molecular sieve oxygen production, electronic oxygen production technology PSA molecular sieve pressure swing adsorption applicable environment home use noise level ≤ 45dB
1. Product characteristics
2. Concept of use
3 working principle
4 about oxygen absorption
5. Users
6 applicable population
7 oxygen therapy and oxygen health care
8 classification of working principle
9. Usage
10. Purchasing method
11 precautions for use
12 family oxygen therapy
13 maintenance method
Product feature editing
Household oxygen generator
Household oxygen generator
The home oxygen machine is convenient to use, and it is easy to move, and is suitable for the use of the majority of health care people. The car car home dual-purpose type can be used not only for home use, but also for car power supply. Oxygen is a colorless and tasteless gas, which is an important material for human body to survive, and also an important material for other animals and plants to survive. Without oxygen, nature will have no life, and it will be as important as water. It is widely used, all walks of life can not be separated from oxygen, including medical care and beauty care.
Use concept editor
Today's living standards are getting better and better. Everyone knows how to keep fit. We are going to spend the new year. We buy an oxygen machine to give them to their families and care about their health. Now that living conditions are good, we should pay more attention to health care, and buy an oxygen machine at home, so that the whole family is healthy.
In order to improve the quality of life of workers with pneumoconiosis and other workers who have suffered from injury of lung function and respiratory difficulties, Beijing has included 3-litre household oxygen generator into the scope of auxiliary equipment for workers of work-related injury in Beijing.
Working principle editing
Principle of oxygen generator
Principle of oxygen generator
Working principle of the home oxygen machine: the physical adsorption and desorption technology of molecular sieve are used. The molecular sieve is filled in the oxygen generator, and nitrogen in the air can be absorbed when pressurized. The remaining oxygen that is not absorbed is collected, and after purification, it will become high purity oxygen. The adsorbed nitrogen is discharged into the ambient air when the molecular sieve is depressurized. The nitrogen can be adsorbed and oxygen can be obtained at the next pressure. The whole process is a periodic dynamic cycle process, and the molecular sieve does not consume[ 2]
About oxygen absorption editing
With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the demand for health is gradually increasing, and oxygen intake will gradually become an important means of family and community rehabilitation. However, many patients and oxygen users do not know enough about oxygen intake knowledge and oxygen therapy is not standardized. So it is the knowledge that every patient and the oxygen user must know about who needs to take oxygen and how to do oxygen inhalation.
Hypoxia hazard
Under the general situation, hypoxia has the following hazards to human body: when hypoxia, the metabolism rate of oxygen in human body is reduced, anaerobic fermentation is strengthened, and the metabolism efficiency of the body decreases; Long term severe hypoxia can cause pulmonary vasoconstriction, pulmonary hypertension, increased right ventricular burden, and pulmonary heart disease can be caused for a long time; Hypoxia can aggravate hypertension, increase the burden of left heart, and even cause arrhythmia; Hypoxia stimulates the kidney to produce erythropoietin, which makes the body increase of red blood cells, high blood viscosity, increased peripheral vascular resistance, increased heart burden, causes or aggravates heart failure, and also easily induces cerebral thrombosis; Long term hypoxia in brain can produce a series of mental and neurological symptoms: sleep disorder, mental decline, memory decline, abnormal behavior, personality change, etc. Generally, people lack oxygen has the following important manifestations: the number of breathing increased, dyspnea, chest tightness, breath suffocation, lip, a bed cyanosis; The heart beat faster; Because of the enhancement of anaerobic fermentation, the level of lactate in the body is increased, and there is often a feeling of fatigue and fatigue; Attention is not focused, judgment and memory are decreased; Sleep disorders at night, sleep quality decline, daytime sleep, dizziness and headache symptoms.
Oxygen absorption
The conditions of oxygen absorption and the advantages of oxygen absorption are sometimes called"oxygen therapy". Although it can not cure all diseases, it has obvious effect on some diseases. It can not only supply oxygen to hypoxia tissue, but also dissolve bubbles in blood, stimulate wound healing, as well as bubble embolism, carbon monooxygenation, cyanide poisoning, non-healing, bone injury necrosis, soft tissue infection Brain edema and other diseases have the use value. Oxygen supply to premature infants and people with serious diseases or trauma under atmospheric pressure is also an important measure to save lives. It can be said that not only the patients with hypoxia need oxygen, but also the normal people need to supplement certain oxygen in the natural environment. For example, patients with coronary heart disease, pulmonary heart disease, asthma, bronchitis and various chronic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, pregnant women, mental workers with intense work and learning, primary school, junior high school, high school, University, graduate students and other candidates, residents in hypoxia area of plateau, tourists, etc.
Oxygen therapy
According to many literature reports, the main points are summarized as follows: to relieve nerve fatigue, relax body and mind, maintain vigorous energy, and improve work efficiency; Improve the oxygen supply of brain, regulate the function of brain nervous system, improve memory and thinking ability, and improve learning efficiency; Reduce the harm to the body under the environment and pollution; To some extent, it can delay aging and enhance metabolism; To alleviate hypoxia and meet the needs of tissue metabolism; It can alleviate the pulmonary hypertension caused by hypoxia, reduce the erythrocytosis, reduce blood viscosity, reduce the burden of right ventricle, and delay the development of pulmonary heart disease; Oxygen inhalation can alleviate bronchospasm, alleviate dyspnea and improve ventilation dysfunction; Improve the physical and brain function of patients, improve the endurance and quality of life; Improve chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and prolong life; Reduce the number of inpatients and save medical expenses; It can reduce the infection and emesis after operation.
Generally, any of the following three items should be treated with long-term home oxygen therapy: the clinical status is stable for 3-4 weeks, without acute bronchitis, pulmonary inflammation, heart failure, and the results of arterial blood gas analysis twice in a row of 2 weeks: PaO2 < 60mmhg, SaO2 < 88% of the blood oxygen saturation. The clinical status was stable. At least 2 times of arterial blood gas analysis results: PaO2 was 55-59mmhg, accompanied by secondary erythrocytosis, pulmonary hypertension or pulmonary heart disease right heart failure, and PaO2 decreased by 10mmhg after exercise. PaO2 > 55mmhg in daytime, but SaO2 < 75% at night or severe sleep apnea. It is necessary to note that oxygen therapy has been paid more and more attention to in patients with COPD. COPD patients were also dysfunctional and ventilatory due to long-term ventilation dysfunction. * the imbalance of blood flow leads to lack of O2 and CO2 retention, especially in nocturnal hypoxemia.
The harm of excessive oxygen absorption
The negative effect of excessive oxygen intake was early in the mid-19th century. British scientist Paul Burt first found that if animals breathe pure oxygen, it will cause poisoning, so do human beings. If human beings are toxic to all cells in pure oxygen environment greater than 0.05 MPa (half atmospheric pressure), if the inhalation time is too long, oxygen poisoning may occur. The capillary barrier of lung is damaged, which leads to pulmonary edema, pulmonary congestion and bleeding, which seriously affects respiratory function, and then causes hypoxia and damage of various organs. In the pure oxygen environment of 0.1 MPa (1 atmospheric pressure), people can only survive for 24 hours, and pneumonia will occur, which will eventually lead to respiratory failure and suffocation. In 0.2 MPa (2 atmospheric pressure) high pressure pure oxygen environment, people can stay for 1.5-2 hours at most, which will cause brain poisoning, disordered life rhythm, mental disorder and memory loss. If 0.3 MPa (3 atmospheric pressure) or even higher oxygen is added, the brain cells will become degenerated and necrotic in a few minutes, convulsive coma and death will occur.
In addition, excessive oxygen intake can promote life aging. The oxygen entering the human body reacts with the oxidase in the cell, which can generate hydrogen peroxide and then turn into lipofuscin. This lipofuscin is a harmful substance to accelerate cell aging, which is accumulated in the heart, which makes the cardiac cells aging and the cardiac function decrease; The accumulation on the wall of the blood vessel causes the aging and hardening of the blood vessels; The accumulation in the liver weakens the function of liver; Accumulation in the brain, causing mental decline, memory decline, people become dementia; Accumulate on the skin, forming old age spot.
On the contrary, when oxygen is over absorbed for a long time, if the oxygen rich air (usually refers to oxygen concentration is more than 40%, the best oxygen concentration recommended by medical experts is 22-35%), oxygen poisoning will occur, such as the mice will die after several minutes of putting the mice in pure oxygen; If the healthy person inhales 0.05Mpa pure oxygen for two or thirty minutes, it will produce severe metabolism decline, which will result in symptoms of oxygen poisoning such as fatigue, headache and hand inflexibility.
Oxygen enriched medical treatment
If the normal amount of oxygen cannot be taken for some reason, a certain medical means is needed to take oxygen. For example, patients with tuberculosis, or other reasons who cut part of the lung, who have reduced the number of alveoli, emphysema, and those with respiratory difficulties due to pneumoconiosis, etc., have been in danger of life because the oxygen partial pressure in their arterial blood has been reduced to 5 or 60 Torr. In this case, it is better to supply 30-40% oxygen rich air. This is the best concentration range of membrane oxygen enrichment.
For the specific effect of oxygen inhalation, taking the patients with chronic closed lung disease as an example, many cases can confirm that the effect of prolonging life span has been confirmed. Compared with non oxygen inhalation, the cumulative mortality rate has decreased by about 60%, and the number of hospitalization days can be significantly shortened. If the average number of days in hospital for patients without oxygen inhalation is at least 9 days, the longest is 40 days, while the average hospitalization days of oxygen inhalation patients are only one day, the longest is only 4 days, and the reduction is nearly 10 times. At the same time, 24 hours a day is better than 12 hours a day, and the average cumulative mortality rate is about 1/3 lower. When people exercise violently, the number of pulses and breaths increases. The mechanism of exercise is explained by the reaction of nutrients and oxygen in human tissues, and the energy obtained is used to promote muscle movement. At the same time, when oxygen is consumed, carbon dioxide and lactate are produced. In order to supplement oxygen and discharge carbon dioxide, pulse and breath times will increase greatly.
The oxygen absorption equipment mainly includes membrane oxygen enrichment machine, PSA oxygen machine, chemical oxygen machine and deep cooling oxygen machine. The membrane oxygen enricher is the most competitive and suitable. The plate membrane assembly is only A4 paper size, with a thickness of about 1cm. The weight of the membrane oxygen enricher is less than 4 kg, which is very light and convenient to carry. The more fashionable membrane oxygen bar air conditioner is to extract only 21% of the air from the outside. After the oxygen rich membrane treatment, the oxygen content rapidly increases to about 30%. It effectively solves the problems of dizziness, eye string and poor breathing due to the low oxygen in the confined space. In addition, the oxygen bar function and the technology of fresh air exchange of oxygen bar air conditioner can be operated independently. In the case of no refrigeration and heating, the oxygen bar and the fresh air exchange function can be operated separately, which not only keeps the air circulation and cleanliness in the room, but also increases the oxygen content in the air, and acts as an oxygen bar for separate use, effectively solves the contradiction between health and comfort in the process of using air conditioning by consumers.
Use crowd editing
Oxygen machine is suitable for people with oxygen therapy and oxygen health care:
1. The people who are prone to hypoxia: the elderly, pregnant women, students who have been engaged in mental labor for a long time, staff of the company, and cadres of the government, etc;
2. Hypoxia in Plateau: pulmonary edema, acute high mountain disease, chronic high mountain disease, coma at high altitude, hypoxia at high altitude, etc;
3. The weak and sick people with poor body immunity, heatstroke, gas poisoning, drug poisoning, etc;
4. In the state of hyperactivity, such as fever, convulsion, hyperthyroidism, and the use of thyroxine and insulin;
5. The use of corticotropin, adrenocorticotropin, adrenaline, noradrenaline, etc;
6. Lack of vitamin E, C and selenium (the ability to remove excessive free radicals decreased, and the antioxidant capacity was poor);
7. Exposure to X-ray;
8. Those who are not enough to provide oxygen after intensive exercise or excessive exercise;
9. In the public places with poor ventilation (such as cinema, gym, computer room, entertainment field, etc.), people are more smelly and dirty;
10. Closed car, air conditioning room, underground shopping mall, air defense facilities, military underground command place;
11. The mental workers with intense work and learning, the students of primary and high school and other candidates for examination, etc.
Applicable to crowd editing
The current situation of education in China leads to the pressure of students. Long-term study and thinking are the main reasons for students' learning pressure. These are easy to make students lack of oxygen slowly, often appear nausea, dizziness, insomnia, and poor mood. At this time, safe and reasonable oxygen supplement is necessary!
Oxygen is the basic to keep the brain memory function good. When learning hard, the brain load increases, and the oxygen consumption increases dramatically. When the brain cells can not get the oxygen they can meet, the memory will narrow and thin, and the memory will decrease.
This will directly affect the students' learning ability and test ability, and will further aggravate the anxiety level of the psychological, thus forming a vicious circle. Replenishment can quickly restore the blood oxygen concentration, enhance the oxygen supply to the brain, and improve the memory and thinking ability. The brain function can be restored and improved rapidly. Oxygen is the most basic energy source of brain cells.
Middle aged and old people
With the age of the elderly, the body resistance is also declining, and all functions can no longer absorb enough oxygen components for the body to absorb, application, and the ability to carry oxygen is reduced! Especially after human beings enter the old age, the physiological function of human body degenerates, resulting in the insufficient oxygen supply of blood supply for all tissues, especially brain, heart, lung, etc., and long-term hypoxia will cause many old-age diseases, which will lead to body hypoxia, and long-term chronic hypoxia will be formed if not treated in time! And often we have many high-risk diseases that are caused by chronic hypoxia!
In the home, oxygen can prevent the occurrence of old diseases, and can delay aging, eliminate chest depression, shortness of breath, dizziness, irritability and other symptoms, and can play an emergency role in the occurrence of angina pectoris, cerebral thrombosis and stroke.
White collar workers
If you are a white-collar, do you sometimes have dizziness, chest tightness, or suddenly stand up and feel like Venus. Or suddenly the eyes dark, insomnia, memory decline, work without spirit! If you have these symptoms, consider oxygen supplement!
The white-collar people have been in the air conditioning environment for a long time, with doors and windows closed, air pollution, insufficient indoor oxygen content, serious oxygen shortage, and irregular life, heavy mental labor, high pressure, lack of normal human body biological clock, resulting in imbalance of organs in the body. Hypoxia and the elderly, if the formation of chronic hypoxia, will accelerate aging! Proper oxygen supplement is very important for the white-collar class, which can improve the work efficiency and mental state and relieve the work pressure.
pregnant woman
According to the investigation, the main reason for fetal death in abdomen, premature death and children's mental retardation or neonatal infection is hypoxia. Oxygen intake can increase the blood oxygen content of the mother, and make the fetus get more oxygen, which is more conducive to the mother's health and the growth of the fetus; Hospital equipment can detect fetal hypoxia, but because pregnant women at home, doctors can not timely find, so when found, may miss the best oxygen supplement period! especially

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